Tasting Menu

Tasting Menu

◾️Small welcome ‘Antico Arco ‘

◾️Amberjack tartare, lime, ginger and agretti

◾️ Loch Fyne Salmone, tzatziki sauce and tomato bread crumble
◾️ Homemade ravioli with redfish and sea bass, basil pesto, green beans and toasted almonds

◾️ Carbonara sauce with spaghetti “Mancini” and black truffle
◾️ Moulard duck breast, cooked must  and roots        

◾️Small tasting of cheese
◾️ Dessert of your choice

€ 80

per person, excluding beverages

This menu is only available for all the parties at the table. For any change feel free to enquire with our staff.

Vegetarian Tasting Menu

◾️ Parmigiana style eggplants with buffalo cream
◾️ Cacio e pepe – Spaghetti ‘Mancini’ with pecorino cheese, black pepper
◾️ Raw and cooked salad
◾️ Dessert of your choice

€ 70

per person, excluding beverages


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Always open.
Closed on Tuesday.
From 12.00 pm to 24.00 pm


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